There are two ways you can be involved in our research: 1) Be a paid participant in one of our experiments; or 2) assist in research as an intern. Graduate students with compatible interests are welcome to contact us for more information regarding collaborations.

Option 1. Paid Participants
We are looking for subjects to participate in experiments over the summer. The computer-based experiments are one hour long, and you will receive $10 for your participation or two movie tickets. Please contact us at val (at) for more information.

Option 2. Become a VAL Researcher
If you are interested in contributing to the research efforts here at VAL, please contact the director, Dr. Zenon Pylyshyn at zenon (at) Even if you have not had experience, we are willing to give competent and curious undergraduates an opportunity to become involved with our research hands-on. This is an excellent idea for those looking to complete senior projects and theses down the road. For more details, read about the Undergraduate Research Internship Program.