Director: Dr. Zenon Pylyshyn zenon (at)
Researcher: Dr. Deborah Aks daks (at)
Programmer: Allan Kugel kugel (at)
Students: Sanjana Mohan  
Meriam Naqvi  
Vedant Patel  
Ronald Planer    
Navpreet Singh  
Louis Varilias  


Dr. Zenon W. Pylyshyn

Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, University of Saskatchewan (1963)
M.Sc. Control Systems, University of Saskatchewan (1960)
B.Eng. Engineering-Physics, McGill University (1959)

phone: (732) 445-0628 
office: A115 Psychology Building, Busch campus
email: zenon (at)
personal site:

Zenon is the director of the Visual Attention Lab as well as a Board of Governors Professor of Cognitive Science. For more information about Zenon and his research interests, please visit his personal site.