Negations of Existentials
An additional mini-section to follow 9.4 Quantifiers. This addition discusses how statements like "There are no mice" should be symbolized in PPL. Exercises are included.

Exactly n
An extension of section 16.4.3 Exactly n. The current 16.4.3 inMeaning and Argument gives examples of sentences containing "exactly one"; this addition extends the procedure to sentences with larger numerical adjectives. Exercises are included.

Counting Identities and Non-Identities
Numerical adjectives require strings of identities or non-identities at the end of their symbolizations. Keeping track of all the pairs of variables can be tricky; fortunately there are easy formulas for how many are needed.

Suggested Reordering of Selected Exercises
Every exercise should start with the easiest problems, then move on to the more challenging ones. A few existing exercises need to be reordered to do this.