Selected Articles


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"What did you call me? Slurs as prohibited words setting things up", with Luvell Anderson (Analytic Philosophy, Vol. 54, No 3, July 29, 2013)

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Ernie Lepore and Luvell Anderson in New York Times in "The Stone" replying to critics, (New York Times, December 24, 2010)



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Conceptual Role Semantics

"Why meaning probably isn't conceptual role," (with Jerry Fodor) in Chicago Linguistic Society Proceedings (1992). Reprinted in Mind and Language, vol. 6, no. 4, 1991:328-342; reprinted in Mental Representations, eds. Stephen Stich and Ted Warfield, Basil Blackwell, 1994. *.pdf format

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Context Sensitivity

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The Lexicon

"On Words", (with J. Hawthorne, forthcoming, The Journal of Philosophy)), Vol. CVIII, no. 9, 2011, pp.447-485

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Linguistic Competence

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Metaphor, Irony and Poetry

Philosophical Investigations into Figurative Speech: Metaphor and Irony
(with Matthew Stone), The Philosophers Magazine, January, 2012.

The Heresy of Paraphrase: When the Medium Really is the Message, Midwest Studies in Philosophy, XXXIII, 2009, View: (in pdf)

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New Pragmatists

"Brandom Beleaguered" (with J. Fodor), draft, forthcoming *.pdf

"Brandom's Burdens: a review of Robert B. Brandom's Articulating Reasons" (with J. Fodor),Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2001.*.pdf format

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Philosophical Logic

"Reply to Fiengo and May's De Lingua Belief", (w. J. Armstrong), 2010, International Journal of Philosophical Studies Vol. 18(4), 569–579

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Philosophy of Mind

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Semantics-Pragmatics Divide

"The breadth of semantics: reply to Szabo, Horn, and Bezuidenhout," (with Matthew Stone), InquIry, 2015, VOL. XX, nO. X, pages 1–12 (in pdf)



Semantics for Propositional Attitudes

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Tense and Mood

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"Mood Matters" (with S-J Leslie) View: (in .pdf)

"Wh-words" (with S-J Leslie)



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