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RuCCS EC Member and Distinguished Professor Mariapaola D'Imperio and Co-PIs win NSF Convergence Accelerator Phase I and II $960K Grant

RuCCS Affiliate, Distinguished Professor, and project PI Mariapaola D'Imperio has won a $960,000 grant from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Convergence Accelerator Program. The grant is for the project "Data & AI Methods for Modeling Facial Expressions in Language with Applications to Privacy for the Deaf, ASL Education & Linguistic Research" which began earlier this September and ends in May of 2021.
The grant is awarded to D'Imperio along her Co-PIs Dimitris Metaxas (Rutgers University, Computer Science), Carol Neidle (Boston University), and Matt Huenerfauth (Rochester Institute of Technology).








Cognitive Science student Jihye Ryu publishes "The Autonomic Nervous System Differentiates between Levels of Motor Intent and End Effector" and makes cover of The Journal of Precision Medicine

In the published paper, Ryu describes how heart signals derived from the micro-movements in the inter-beat intervals timing can unambiguously tell us if actions are deliberately intended or spontaneously occurred. Spike in interest on the paper's results has granted for Ryu's work to make the cover of the journal. Read the paper here!





Konstantinos Michmizos, CS faculty and RuCCS EC member, performs a study using astrocytes to better the programming of robots controlled by neuromorphic chips

Michmizos' study aimed to understand the way neurons and astrocytes communicate using algorithms inspired by the functioning of your brain. Potentially biased algorithms could backfire on the algorithm's original intent, and instead of gaining profit from an algorithm, worse outcomes may occur as stated by RuCCS Affiliate Professor Jerome Williams in his Algorithmic Bias Webinar for the Marketing Science Institute.

Read more on the study in the Tech Xplore article here and check out Michmizos' lecture here for an
in-depth explanation






Additional Congratulations to...

Julien Musolino: Cognitive Scientist and Rutgers Professor in the Department of Psychology, Julien Musolino, received the Chancellor's Award for Impacts in Teaching earlier this year!






Mary Rigdon: Handbook of Experimental Game Theory worked on by RuCCS Associate Teaching Professor Mary Rigdon is available for purchase now!






Mariapaola D'Imperio: RuCCS EC member and Distinguished Professor in the Department of Linguistics, Mariapaola D'Imperio, obtains an EFL International Chair position to give a lecture series in Paris!






Elizabeth Torres: NJ Governor's Council for the Medical Research and Treatments of Autism awards grant to RuCCS Affiliate Elizabeth Torres' NJACE! 






Ryan Rhodes: RuCCS Teaching Postdoc Ryan Rhodes publishes paper "Informative use of “not” is N400‐blind" in Psychophysiology. Read the paper here!







New RuCCS-ARL Cooperative Agreement led by Psychology Professor and RuCCS EC member Jacob Feldman receives $250K grant

RuCCS has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the Army Research Lab to conduct joint research on “The Interpretation of Moving Shapes.” The Cooperative Agreement is funded by the Development and Engineering Command of the U.S. Army Research and has granted Rutgers $250,000. The agreement is led by PI Jacob Feldman, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Rutgers.