The mission of the Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science is to carry out excellent research in the interdisciplinary and complex field of Cognitive Science. Researchers from several disciplines, most prominently Psychology, Linguistics, Computer Science, and Philosophy, come together at RuCCS to learn about the theories and research programs of other scholars with overlapping interests but very different backgrounds, enriching and enhancing their own research and capabilities. More generally RuCCS aims to support the development of Cognitive Science as a field, both nationally and internationally. RuCCS places great importance on the training of the next generations of scholars. Through its Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science it offers doctoral students in participating RU programs the opportunity to learn about areas outside their specialization, and to conduct research with a faculty member which introduces them to new ideas and techniques and broadens their own understanding of the disciplines which contribute to Cognitive Science. Through its undergraduate major and minor, and in the laboratory experiences that RuCCS offers, it affords RU undergraduates the opportunity to learn about and participate in outstanding research projects with leading researchers.