Perception is the process by which sensory cues are integrated to form a model of the world. Participating faculty come from Psychology, Computer Science, Philosophy, Biomedical Engineering, and the Biomedical and Health Sciences. Key research topics include computer vision, human psychophysics, visuomotor integration, philosophy of perception, and neuroscience. Collaborations among faculty and student researchers across this diverse array of topics and disciplines have contributed to the emergence of novel approaches, as well as to the formation of a stable and interactive community of perceptual scientists.

The interdisciplinary Perceptual Science Group was formally formed in 2006 with the support of an Integrative Graduate Education and Training Program (IGERT) from the National Science Foundation. The program supported more than 40 trainees, with graduates going on to careers in academics and industry. Perceptual Science integrates computational modeling and experiments across Psychology and Computer Science. It remains a major component of research and training at RuCCS, with frequent seminars and colloquia, as well as our annual Perceptual and Cognitive Science Forum.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities to gain foundational training in both Computer Science and Psychology, and to embark on collaborative research across other areas. Opportunities are available for interdisciplinary team projects with fellow students by taking the novel course Integrative Methods in Perceptual Science, developed with support from NSF.


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