RuCCS has a long and distinguished tradition of bringing together researchers of language across  the disciplines of cognitive science to systematically and scientifically investigate fundamental questions about language, such as:

  • What structures and patterns underlie linguistic competence and conversational exchanges between speakers and hearers?
  • How is language acquired and processed by various populations?
  • How is language mentally represented?
  • What are cross-linguistic universals, and how do we account for cross-linguistic diversity?
  • How are linguistic and cognitive development connected?
  • How do the sub-areas of linguistics (syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonology) interact in linguistic comprehension and production?
  • How does language change, and how have linguistic capacities evolved?
  • What are the domain-specific and domain-general mechanisms at work in language?
  • What are the societal, clinical, educational, and technological applications of language research?

Language researchers at RuCCS are highly regarded at Rutgers and in the broader scholarly community. They actively present and widely publish cutting-edge language research, advise and professionally mentor students within and across departments, organize local and (inter)national workshops and conferences, and regularly advocate for public outreach and engagement related to language.


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