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Congratulations to Pernille Hemmer, Ryan Rhodes, & Bruce Tesar for receiving the 2022-23 Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Award


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2022-23 Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education Awards reception took place on Wednesday, May 3rd from 2:30 PM-4:30 PM in Trayes Hall at the Douglass Student Center. We celebrated Pernille Hemmer, Ryan Rhodes, & Bruce Tesar on their inspiring contributions to undergraduate education.  



Spring 2023 Cognitive Science Evolution, Cognition and Culture class field trip

The Spring 2023 Cognitive Science Evolution, Cognition, and Culture class with Professor Robinson went on a field trip to
The American Museum of Natural History along with Professor Scott's Anthropology Introduction to Human Evolution class.

The student's ability to apply course material while looking at the exhibits gave them a sense of achievement!

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RuCCS Executive Council Member Elizabeth Torres and her Sensory Motor Integration Lab teams with ballet company for autism communication study


Elizabeth Torres is a Rutgers' Professor of Psychology as well as part of Rutgers Center of Cognitive Sciences. Her area of focus is Cognitive Psychology. Her lab studies how people move in connection to how they think.They use the signals from the Peripheral Nervous Systems to Understand the Central Nervous System. All motions, intended, spontaneous, automatic and autonomic, are inherently variable. They study the signatures of such variability, as they provide a proxy of our mental spaces, our decisions and intentions. Over the years they have modeled complex behaviors and designed digital biomarkers of nervous systems disorders to enable automatic and non-invasive tracking of treatments outcomes. They combine research, technology and clinical criteria to develop and deploy interactive and co-adaptive interfaces that enable functional autonomy and a sense of self-agency. Their work offers new objective metrics of quality of life. The main goal of their lab is to understand sensory-motor processes in order to design sensory-motor driven therapies that help the brain heal itself. 
For more information about the autism communication study, please click here

RuCCS Executive Council Member Karin Stromswold selected as a recipient of the 2022-23 Chancellor-Provost Awards for Faculty Excellence

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Congratulations to Dr. Karin Stromswold, RuCCS Executive Council Member and Professor of Psychology, has been selected as a recipient of the 2022-23 Chancellor-Provost Awards for Faculty Excellence! The awards for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education are given
annually to professors and teaching assistants in the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) to "recognize their outstanding achievements in and beyond the classroom, their engagement with their students and pedagogic communities, and their overall commitment to the undergraduate education mission."





RuCCS Affiliate and Department of Computer Science Distinguished Professor Dmitris Metaxas and his work on facial recognition was featured on ABC News.

unnamed.pngNightline seeks out the expertise of Dimitris Metaxas, professor of computer science and affiliate member of Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, for its investigative report on Madison Square Garden's use of facial recognition technology to ban attendees from events. Metaxas explains to Nightline reporters how the technology works, and then says that given the advances to cameras and computers, it's likely that facial recognition capabilities "will become cheaper and usable by anybody." For more information regarding this, check here