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Graduate Courses (Fall 2020):

16:185:500:01 - Proseminar in Cognitive Science
Instructor: Thomas Papathomas
Seminars: Tuesday, 9:30am to 12:10pm, BUSCH, RuCCS, Rm A139

16:185:600:01 - Seminar in Cog Sci I - Digital Biomarkers - Basic Science & Clinical
Instructor: Liz Torres
Seminars: Tuesday/Thursday, 3:20pm to 4:40pm, BUS, RuCCS, Rm A139
Cross listed / Meets together with: 01:185:412:01

16:185:601:01 - Seminar in Cog Sci II - Sensation and Perception
Instructor: Thomas Papathomas
Seminars: Wednesday, 12:00pm to 3:00pm, BUSCH, RuCCS, Rm A139
Cross listed / Meets together with Primary Dept: BME 16:125:615 - Advanced Topics in Brain Research and PSY 16:830:514 - Sensation and Perception

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Faculty Director
Brian McLaughlin

Staff Director
Sara Pixley

Graduate Director
Dr. Mary Rigdon