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What is Cognitive Science?

Your mind is incredibly complex. It can compute the precise amount of effort needed to pick up a glass, it can recall the lyrics to the Oscar Meyer hot dog song, and it can build a space shuttle. How does our mind compute and manipulate information so well? Researchers in cognitive science have often used the analogy that the mind is like a “computer” – it takes in input, processes the information, and finally gives some output, typically behavioral in nature.

Cognitive science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the mind and brain. Cognitive scientists draw ideas from several fields such as computer science, linguistics, mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology. Each discipline contributes their unique expertise to reach a common goal.

The goal of cognitive science is to understand the code of the mind, focusing on how the mind represents and manipulates knowledge and how mental representations and processes are realized in the brain.

About the Club

The Cog Sci Club is a student organization that typically presents a forum of meetings related to Cognitive Science that bring together presenters and audience members from such fields of study as: Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, as well as anthropology, biological sciences, mathematics, statistics, biomathematics, communication, and engineering. Additionally, members meet in social gatherings to watch movies or attend special events. The club offers a free space to interact, engage, learn, and share ideas with like-minded peers and professionals from varying perspectives.

Cog Sci Club

Club Information

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Club Officials

  • Yoni Friedman - President
  • Rina Muqkurtaj - Co-President
  • Pooja Kansagra - Director of Marketing
  • Rachel Hess - Events Coordinator
  • Angie Hernandez - Community Director
  • Orren Ravid - Tech Director
  • Netanya Flores - Director of Alumni Relations
  • Pauli Peralta - Treasurer
  • Nithya Nataranjan - Secretary
  • Veronica Mu - Director of Design
  • Won Kim - Director of Finance


Meetings are held every Wednesday at 8:30-9:30pm in Room 1125, Academic Building (West), College Avenue, and are also listed on Facebook

There will be free pizza so we hope you will join us for food and conversation!

For information on upcoming meetings, please 'like' us on our Facebook page at:

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